Design, supervision and implementation of the first minigrid in Bangladesh (100 kW)

In the year 2010, the largest solar installation in Bangladesh, constituted of 100 kW solar PV system for a 220V minigrid in Sandwip island to meet partial demand of electricity for the people at one central market area. Major power was obtained with the solar PV system. The layout of the mingrid connect bidirectional inverters, with solar modules and battery bank.  It is envisioned that the project will serve 400 commercial enterprises in Enam Nahar market and some adjacent households in addition to selected local schools and health centers. The level of service to be offered will be based upon mutual agreement between PUROBI Green Energy Limited (PGEL) and its clients. An emergency backup generator is connected to cover consumers with backup power during peak times.  The 100 kW solar minigrid is currently operational since September 2010 and serving the initial consumers of concerned area

  • 100 kW solar mini grid system at Sandwip Island
  • First solar mini grid in Bangladesh
  • Operational since September 2010

PSL has provided the following services for the project-

  1. Project Preparation– Complete preparation of 100 kW solar mini grid with 40 kW Diesel backup system was designed. The financial plan and business forecast was presented to IDCOL by PGEL. PSL reviewed the design on behalf of PGEL and suggested modifications for accuracy once the project got approved. The work includes engineering design with hardware selection for inverters, solar modules, batteries and other accessories. The 100 kW solar mini grid is currently operational since September 2010 and serving the initial consumers of Enam Nahar market.
  2. TA for Operation and Training – PSL surveyed existing distribution system in the area and provided its evaluation for installation of the solar mini grid. PSL provided support for fulfilling all contractual requirements between PGEL and IDCOL, including clearance from DOE and BERC, and any other similar contracts required within the project activities. PSL coordinated training of project technicians to be provided by Asantys Systems and its local partner Energy Systems. PSL staff supervises all operations of the power plant and will train local technicians of PGEL.
  3. Project Management– PSL has provided Operation and Management services of the solar power plant during the first one year of its commercial operation and supervised all activities undertaken by the PUROBI project personnel.