CDM Project: Methane Gas Emission Reduction

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects registered with UNFCCC for reducing leakage of methane gas from the distribution network has shown remarkable results for Government owned distribution companies in Bangladesh. PSL is the only implementation entity working with all the gas distribution companies and their investor partners. GHG emission reduction from the franchise area of five companies (up to Feb 2021) is 15.83 MtCO2, which results from arresting 40 Million Cubic Feet of Natural gas saving per day in Bangladesh

Spearheading a movement towards creating a new arena of environmental activism, PSL has played it’s role as a pioneer in the field of GHG reduction towards reaching climate change goals in this region of the planet.

PSL plays a significant role in the mitigation of environmental degeneration by reducing Greenhouse Gases in the natural environment. Systematic detection of GHG leakage from the gas distribution system, measurement of leakage quantities and subsequent arrest of Methane gas has resulted in a major reduction of Carbon content in the atmosphere.

Spread out over a number of geographic regions of Northern, Southern and Eastern Bangladesh, highly trained teams perform the essential tasks involved in performing this highly specific task with sensitive equipment. 

Testing risers in the rural areas