PSL has a long history of engaging in Energy Efficiency programs for the rural and urban sector. Activities range from improvement of appliances used by the rural enterprises and motorized equipment used by large garment industries for Ecoefficiency improvement. 

Catalyzing Clean Energy development in Bangladesh (CCEB)

PSL played a central role in implementation of this five year project of USAID in Bangladesh. As planned, CCEB enhanced the enabling environment, build capacity to design and implement supportive policies and regulations, and increase utilization of clean energy technologies for energy sector development on a low carbon trajectory. The project focused on reforming Bangladesh’s energy enabling environment; promoting private sector investments in clean and renewable energy; building local capacity in energy efficiency and demand-side management; and implementing a comprehensive clean cookstoves initiative in rural and energy-deficient parts of the country. CCEB works with a variety of stakeholders including the BERC; GOB ministries and agencies; energy utilities; and energy end users.

PSL has provided sub-consulting expert services for each component of the Clean Energy Project  including recruiting national experts, technical training, event management, logistics support, and meeting with USAID mission as needed for project implementation-

  • Improve the regulatory environment for clean energy development
  • Strengthen analytical capacity for energy sector planning and policy-making
  • Support industrial energy efficiency analysis and adoption
  • Promote demand side management programs for electric utilities
  • Conducting market analysis and promote use of improved cook stoves.

Capacity building and providing training

Industrial Energy Efficiency in Bangladesh
  • Visit various Industry under Nordic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) and other Government or non-government organisations for collecting the primary data and information on their energy consumption pattern, present condition and current practice of using machines like boiler, Generator etc. Accumulate all the collected data and information.
  • Then, Analysing   all the collected data and available resources in various  government organisation like BPDB, Petro Bangla etc and international organisation like World Bank, ADB. Finally presented the analysis in a report and also gave some recommendation on how to reduce energy consumption by increasing simple awareness,
Identification and Pilot demonstration of eco-Efficiency Measures for the Readymade Garments Factories in Bangladesh
  • Scope of energy efficiency improvement in thermal, lighting and other application were investigated. The scope of improvement through proper insulation in steam pipelines and other thermal improvement that can be made in boiler (steam generating equipment through economizer was investigated. 
  • Traditional Magnetic ballasts in the lights were replaced by electronic ballasts to demonstrate the improvement of energy efficiency by 17 to 35%.