Productive Use of Renewable Energy Programme (PUREP)

  • PSL gave local consultancy services for KfW funded project “Productive Use of Renewable Energy Programme (PUREP)”. The PUREP project provided renewable energy solutions to sustainably serve the demand for income generation activities in remote areas of Bangladesh. 
  • PUREP focuses on three types of sub-projects viz. solar-based mini-grids, solar irrigation pumping, and biogas-based power generation. Additionally, other RE-based technologies for productive use of energy might become part of the programme.
  • PSL has performed Technical and Financial Monitoring of 11,500 SHS in Bangladesh for the KfW funded Solar Home Systems of the IDCOL Program based on field survey and data provided by IDCOL and their PO’s (partner organisation’s). 
  • This monitoring included quality and quantity of physical installation compared with IDCOL standards, status of system maintenance, financial flows/collection rates, and environmental impact aspects.