Conducted by

Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) &
Institute of Clean Energy Training and Research (ICETR)

Considering the national need for qualified technicians and knowledgeable personnel, as a continuation of its past training experience to the staff and partners of IDCOL and REB, Prokaushali Sangsad Ltd. has started its own training wing 2012. The newly formed institute focuses on human resource development and organizational capacity building in RE and EE. ICETR offers capacity building for rural energy applications and energy management planning for industrial sector. In addition, it aims to provide inputs to support the national RE and EE policy using experience from best practices, and transform the current market with better technology and quality. ICETR has provided training to more than 1500 technicians of IDCOL’s POs and other agencies involved in RE sector of Bangladesh.

  • Since 2003 PSL has offered technical training to the partners of Infrastructure Development Company Limited (IDCOL) through its Institute for Clean Energy Training and Research (ICETR). PSL offers training on SHS project implementation through lectures and hands-on field training for the engineers and technicians.
  • Ongoing Training and Education System for technical and vocational systems
  • Project was inaugurated on 2003, ongoing till the present
  • Training and Research on SHS for IDCOL Partner Organizations (IPOs)
  • Capacity building for Rural Energy applications
  • Providing training for IDCOL technicians